Writer Blocks


I can’t come up with words

I can’t figure out the scheme

The names don’t fit

I’ve lost my theme

I want to tell you stories

But I’m afraid I’ve run out of inspiration

Is it not enough time?

Is the environment not right?

My mind’s flooded with thoughts

I just can’t seem to write.

Are my ambitions too high?

But I’m better than that guy

And he’s a fucking millionaire.

Lucky bastard, that’s it.

I’ve used all mine up.

Every last bit.

The Meaning of Life


The chase is on

Every moment

Of every day

Some of us are close.

Some of us are far, far away.

What you do.

What you don’t.

What you say.

What you won’t.

Isn’t the world a fascinating place?

There’s gotta be something more than time and space.

More than the race.

More than being enslaved.

More than the drugs

that showed me the place

But weren’t the way.

The meaning of life is

the meaning of life for you

Your purpose is to live it

What else is there to do?