Sleep tried
But it couldn’t do a damn thing
Eyes wide open
Thinking about the whole scheme
And the grand plans
Where I fell off
When I didn’t stand up
When my fingers curled up
But I didn’t hold on
Open wide eyes
It ain’t time to close your eyelids
Spend time over-thinking situations
Moments lingered
Stupid shit that I did
Oh well, still living
Ain’t no point in dwelling
So just fall into the surfing
clicking on pages
Check back again in a few seconds
Nothing’s working
Bet this would be easy
If I was more fucked up
Same high, new low
Sleep light
Sun rise, low glow
Eyes wide open
Where’d the night go?



I’m just a creature of my habit
The itch
It’s overwhelming
Consuming every inch
My strength
It’s underwhelming
And it gives up quick
The feeling is relentless
I hate it
I test myself and pray of it to find its way out
But it lingers
Fingers fidget
Idle hands make devil’s playgrounds
And then corralled my thoughts
Train derailed
No cause, No explanation
The twitches
Teeth grinding
Sweat drenching
Obvious glitches
Digits tapping back and forth
I know I should ignore it
But the hunger
Just a bite
Just a tiny bit longer
Said I’d never do it after last time
But here I am
Same boat
Same story
Can’t help it
I surrender
Exam failed
Didn’t learn my lesson
Stranded in the dark
Less Sun
Thought this time I’d beat it
But the drugs won