If it’s a match made in heaven, you won’t need two.



I might tell you that I get it
But I’m not so sure I follow
All these words you’re preaching
Fill you up with hot air
But your heart is hollow.
Prophesizing pearly gates, eternal love;
Just place your faith into the plate.
Church loves you more when you’re part of the collection.
You know,
For Heaven’s sake.
You mean to tell me there’s one faith?
That’s more right than the others?
What about them? Send them to the slaughter?
Master Race controls the pace.
One way to pray for all you’re after.
One supreme ruler and master.
But what about my freedom?
Is it free will or am I waiting for my Jesse?
Or isn’t his name Jesus?
Wasn’t he just a guy who believed that he was God?
Met a guy like that last week,
Hanging by the highway
Burning up in the Sun.
Is he who I should worship?
He said that he’s a vet.
Should I owe him for his service?
I’d rather sit through his than to sit through one more of your sermons.